Inspirations and thoughts for the NEW YEAR

2014: It was a nice year, I decided to stay in London without anything; It was also really difficult to find a proper job, a proper flat in London according to my values and education.

London is beautiful but it’s also the jungle. How hard it is to survive with a small job, small wage and in awful flats and NHS! A lot of risks, how difficult to have an healthy life!

Even If I had a degree, with great values and nice work experiences in France, I almost felt there.

I met so many negative people or witches who put me down but I learnt a lot and I realized though my dreams were still powerful…

I suffered a lot but I have my lovely notebook I write on all my ideas and projects…

At the end of the year, I was so exhausted so I decided to stay a bit longer in France for a Christmas break.

These are the beautiful movies I discovered in France:

Les héritiers, difficult students who learn about the World War 2 and the genocide…

Mes heros, Josiane Balasko save a little African child threatened by the French immigration police. She teach him her “happiness list” made of chocolate cake and french dessert…

I don’t know if I’m ready to fight all the crazy bitches I met in London, all I know is I have to and I am able to…

It’s totally scaring to stay in a city so selfish, in danger, I took the risk to live in such a bad environment to realize my dreams.

I know my ideas are creative and interesting; I know I’m smart so I do my best to not give up.

This year I will decide if I stay a bit more in London or If I come back. The only thing I know for now is It’s far from over.

Etienne Daho, Le premier jour du reste de ta vie

Who is able to say “your dream is dead”? It’s not because London is full of crazy people and full of difficulties that my dream is necessarily not possible.


My instinct worth more than negative people.

Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”

Happy New Year to all of you! xoxo Emi-The Cookie’s room

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