A new Fashion community is born…

Sassy and unique: SASSIQUE!

Sassique is a new Fashion community with a bright future! The concept? A collection of the latest looks made for fashion lovers around the world.

“Our catalog is for posting clothing and accessories found on other shopping websites. Our lookbook is for posting pictures of looks that inspire us, and our scrapbook is for arranging products”

I love this website not only because I joined the community as an intern but now I consider myself as a part of the community. 

Even if I will have less time in the future with my new job, I will always try to keep in touch with Sassique and be a “Sassique girl” .

Why Sassique is different?

First of all it’s a rare start-up which considers its interns…(I think I can write a book about the subject).Secondly, as a blogger I think it’s quite difficult today to choose a community, there is so many Fashion communities but Sassique offers new trends and great lookbooks. 

I like the fact that Sassique is opened to discover new designers and represents a real passionate about Fashion. Moreover, it’s more focus on style and Sassique is only made of chic.

What you can do on Sassique:

  • Study new trends
  •  Participate in contests and win prizes
  • Create a wishlist of products
  • Arrange fashion products and test out new looks
  • Follow brands and people
  • Promote your style and get noticed
  • Create your own virtual boutique of looks and products
  • Connect with people…


One of my favourite lookbook…

A part of the Fashion community during our first meeting in Shoreditch

Allie Parker, the CEO of Sassique

She explains her love for Fashion on her website: “My love of design stretches far and wide to many aspects in life. I decided to build a fashion website last year while I was on holiday looking through some fashion magazines. I was searching for some ideas but could not even find one picture of something I would actually wear. Or afford. 

I guess it sort of hit me that fashion has an ever growing online presence. Bloggers are gaining massive influence and lots of people are shopping online these days. In many cases it is cheaper and more convenient to shop online especially with sites offering free worldwide shipping. Well, you just have to have the time to dig through all the websites to find what you want, but how do you know what that is? And how do you put it all together? 

So…. I hope this website will help people collect inspiring fashion photos and products, arrange looks, identify trends… get new ideas… and connect people with each other. Fashion is as much a social thing as it is an individual thing.”

Let’s connect with Sassique!



Live Fashion and Enjoy!  xx Emi- The Cookie’s room

Credits: Sassique and Vogue