“Behind the scene”… Nina Rai photo shoot !

Funny and lovely photo shoot…

Beautiful Nina Rai ‘ headpieces : http://www.ninaraicouturehats.com

During the fantastic photo shooting of Nina Rai ‘s creations, 

Didier, the photographer , Aliyah, the multi -tasked friend assistant and I had so much fun !
We share a great moment.

Didier Burnichon is also a great video maker .
He made several videos for differents artists using different styles.
For me, he made a short video wigh time lapswhich remind us this lovely day.

Check the video ! Behind the scene , Nina Rai the video !

Find also his Faceboon page :
db production facebook page

What about my look ?
As you can see, it was quite cold in Hyde Park. The best way to warm up ?
Fake fur ! It is everwhere. Wear it and you won’t be cold and still glamorous.

My outfit : Topshop fake fur collar.
Topshop fake fur hat.
With a little black dress and nice shoes, this light green coat is perfect !
If you have any questions about my look, accessories, make-up… let me know !