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After 2 years of ups and downs (mainly made of lockdowns), 2022 should finally be the rebirth of festivals and concerts without any restriction. As we don’t know what is going to happen in September (every year is a different story you know), let’s enjoy the best festivals in Europe this summer now that we can!

Here’s a shortlist of our 12 TOP/ BEST festivals in Europe (in chronological order)!





  • The 16th and the 17th of June: SONAR 
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Imagine the best DJs united in one sunny city during one weekend closed to the beach. SONAR is a famous festival made of iconic line-ups. It’s time to travel to Spain and make your ears happy!


  • The 24th to the 26th of June: SOLIDAYS
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SOLIDAYS is a French festival that occurs in Paris. The goal of the festival is to collect donations to help people with HIV. The festival is known for its engagement but also for its amazing line-up every year! The music is eclectic and the vibes are “good mood only”. They selected some of the best French DJs and hip-hop legends like Black eyed Peas!




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This festival is a big discovery for us. We have never been there but we cannot wait to support them! Why? Well, first of all, it’s in Lisbon, one of the best cities in Europe for remote workers like us. Secondly, have you seen the 2022’s line-up? It’s crazy! We cannot wait! One of the best festivals in Europe.


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Lollapalooza is a festival we already covered in 2019 with great pleasure and it was awesome! The artists are always well selected and the setting is so colorful!

What we love about this year is the artists ‘selection: Imagine Dragons, Asap Rocky, Anitta, Malaa, Princess Nokia…NO LESS!


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We have all known some Tomorrowland depressed fans since 2019… This year should will them up, the magic should finally happen and SHOULD be HUGE! Indeed, the event will occur on 3 weekends from Fridays to Sundays! Famous artists will perform as usual on the main stage. The question is who has his tickets for the craziness?



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This is not a festival but a celebration of one of our favourite labels! Defected in the house is not only known for its iconic artists signed but also their tracks which significantly changed the music industry! So celebrating unity, freedom, and house music with them in Croatia is kind of very tempting…


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As usual, the UK is the best for planning groovy and house line-ups! We Are FSTVL is no exception to the rule! We can’t choose which artist and scene so we will probably argue with you guys or do 50/50 on each scene! Check the artists booked, you will see how incredible this event is…


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Hongry is calling! We are pretty sure you already heard of them as the best festival in Europe for the summer! This one is called The island of freedom and makes us dream of Croatia, especially with that line-up. To name a few: Tame Impala, Calvin Harris, Justin Bieber…


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We are CABARET VERT lovers for ages and we are coming every year! Less electronic music this year but still iconic artists. We recommend you to check all our articles and photos about them…


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Imagine being in the North of France, on the beach with the most iconic French artists and DJs…Well, TOUQUET MUSIC BEACH FESTIVAL made it possible for you…



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Located in the chicest suburb of Paris, you will get the most fun atmosphere you will ever see: people are coming in fancy dress and love music for what it is. Expect to have a lot of fun. This is our second house each year in September and one of our favourite/ best festival in Europe!



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This is not a festival but a big event for DJs and musicians with conferences and live events…Check the website to know more! More details are coming next…

We also adore the message they convey: yes, DANCE is a REVOLUTION, people from the Netherlands get it!


If you live in France, there is a smaller and similar event called PEW.

Check it now: 

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What’s your favourite/ best festival in Europe? Let us know.


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Hoping to meet all our music lovers soon for real this time!





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