BEST FESTIVALS EUROPEWe are coming back to share with you the best Music festivals in 2023. We selected the best events including the greatest line-up and locations in Europe. Below, you will find a TOP list of 10 European Music festivals from July to October.

It’s time to enjoy Music live and to satisfy your wanderlust!

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The first of all the best Music festvals in 2023 is definitely NOS ALVE. Located in Lisbon, we choose NOS ALIVE not only for the perfect location but also for the stunning line-up: RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, ARCTIC MONKEYS, LIZZO are the 3 first names, no less! Let’s go to Portugal!


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We couldn’t avoid that one. Look at the iconic artists: THE PRODIGY, SKRILLEX, CAMELPHAT and more are announced! As we have never visited Serbia and the festival seem pretty well organized , it can be a great summer break! Also, EXIT FESTIVAL seems to be the perfect definition of an electronic Music festival.


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Les VIEILLES CHARRUES is a festival located in the west of France and they are celebrating their 31st birthday this year. They worked really hard to offer an incredible line-up in 2023: RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, ROSALIA, ROBBIE WILLIAMS and many other international and French artists are coming! Bonus: the beach is not far… If you want to stop by the sea, plan your weekend now!


  • The 18-23th of July: PALEO, Switzerland
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Based in the pretty Nyon, next to the Leman lake, PALEO FESTIVAL offers the best line-up of Switzerland every year. No name has been shared yet but honestly we trust them a lot. We have been visiting Switzerland during June & July last year and covered other events in the country ,we know Swiss offer not only beautiful concerts but also absolutely picturesque settings. 


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Tomorrowland was our joy in 2022! We clearly manifested that. It was our dream to go there for ages and we finally made it! This festival has to be on your bucket list and it has to be done at least once in your life.

This year, the festival occurs only during 2 weekends so you better be focused! Contrary to some French festivals, the event is very well organized, clean and the money spent there is clearly well spent. And don’t ask who is coming, it is always worth it! We would recommend not going there for the trend, like influencers but only because you love Music.

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Sziget is our one and only regret of 2022. We could have made it but one last minute issue happened so unfortunately, the team could not join. Sziget is one of the best music festivals in Europe in all music genres. Their organization seems amazing and the event sounds as beautiful as the artists announced every year! In 2023, you will see: BILLIE ELLISH, DAVID GUETTA, FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE and many more! Iconic names only for a very festive spirit.


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Cabaret Vert is probably the one and only festival located in France we go to every year that always amazes us! The only dark spot in 2022 was we had less authorization to film and as a consequence to create content like you love. However, this edition was great as we found the real spirit of the festival was back after the pandemic. This is why you will see no YouTube aftermovie but only shorts and reals on our channels. 


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This amazing festival occurs in Upminster, Essex and has one of the best line-up every year in the UK! Unlike his brother South West Four who did not survive the pandemic, WE ARE FSTVL lasted and the party is still on in 2023! Stay focused on the line-up announced soon…take your passport and plan ahead your trip!


  • The 16th of September: ONE OUT, UK 
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This is a new festival born in 2021, located in Surrey. This one touched us because of the story. ‘One Out festival is run by three people, and we’re just like you…we are super passionate about building a festival that represents everything we love about the music industry and dance culture.” This one may have fewer “big names” but it looks like a family already, a family of music lovers.


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We understand most of the French media are going there to see well known DJs and events but we might be different…What is really interesting about this event is that you can clearly listen to some conferences done by legends but also hear some people who really work in this industry and have great tips. Example: you can listen to a live talk done by Laidback Luke, Diplo or even some festival organizers. What’s best to learn from the best? Luckily, we will finally be able to listen to them one day. Dreams do come true.

From all of them in our list of the BEST MUSIC FESTIVALS IN 2023, it is the most professional and helpful if you work in the Music industry.


We did not focus on Music festivals in France like this one after being deceived by their organization and treatments…. Also, Music & Wanderlust has always been an international media based in Europe so we want to give a chance to other events and share more in English now.

However, we stay open to some Music events in France and we would love to see more events like DREAM NATION this year as their 10th birthday is coming but the line-up has not been shared yet. Patience is key.

I hope this sum up of the BEST MUSIC FESTIVALS 2023 will inspire you and I personally wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023!

Lots of happiness, Travel & festivals (of course)!




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