“Bibidi bobidi bou” : 5 Little fairies !

How lucky you are ! 5 little fairies just for you!

5 Little Fairies 
I just met 5 little fairies (No, I did not drink too much champagne during Christmas!).
I always exchange with passionate people and I was lucky to find 5 young positive french women studying and working in London.

They love sharing fashion ideas and good mood. They are absolutely positive and lovely. I feel like I fund 5 young fairy God mother !

Funny, nice, fresh and creative, they are totally refreshing and full of ideas !

  • Alison is a very smiling and dynamic woman who loves sports and full of ideas.
  • Charlotte is cute like Charlotte York from Sex and the City and loves Cookies (I can’t blame her … ). She brings the chic touch.
  • Flora loves Christmas and burgers. She is gorgeous like Izia Higelin. She writes with joy.
  • Elisa is the funny modern girly girl. She makes perfect drawing like the beautiful logo for their blog.
  • Audrey is the cutest web boss I ever seen, she knows everything about fashion marketing and blogs and has a chic and feminine style.

Better than the Spice Girls !
They have a lovely lifestyle blog : http://littlefairiesthriftshop.wordpress.com

A great Fashion event
The idea I deeply like is not only the concept and original blog but also the absolutely lovely event they created.
You have to go to their second-hand good sales, empty your dressing or just buy nice vintage clothes and brands!

I am going to sell some items from Burberry,  Chloe,  Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Zara, Dune…
The girls have fashion taste so you will find quality ,trendy clothes and accessories, modern and chic ones and also some French brands, new or famous and international ones.
So join the Facebook group ! Little fairies facebook group and join the fantastic event! 

Don’t miss it : 10 th January 2pm at Brixton Hill. We are all going there !