Blogger Fashion Week September 2014

My first Blogger Fashion Week. What I liked & disliked…

2 days where Bloggers had their own Fashion Week in London…

The “+” and the “-” :

Mainly a positive event

  • First of all, I would love to say Congrats to the amazing organization and ideas. Well done Danielle!
  • An amazing location with a stunning view: Penthouse, 1 Leicester Square, 7th Floor, just have a look, WHAT A VIEW!

  • Some pretty and delicious cupcakes made by…MISS CUPCAKES. Good contact for future events!
  • A nice discovery : Vania Couture Maybe one of the rare elegant Fashion show I saw these days…
  • How lovely to see Asoni Haus team! We remembered our collaboration with  the absolutely amazing designer NINA RAI.  I strongly support Nina Rai for her talent and creations.  I think bloggers should promote designers and designs which come from UK like Nina Rai.

The “selfie world”, the bloggers full of themself…

  • Too much selfies kill the selfie! Bloggers just love to take themself in pictures, without any reason…and without promoting any designer. I think they are often promoting themself, not great designers…I thought the goal was to discover new talents…Never mind!
  • Lack of real interactions. I think it was quite difficult to have a proper talk about our love for Fashion. I think loving Fashion is also being interested in a brand, It’s asking questions, try to help a designer…It was difficult to meet people who were deeply interested to develop projects (except the project of taking pictures of themself…)
  • At one moment, I met some girls who speak French so naturally, I started to talk to them…you should have seen their faces…Oh my god, Emilie stop being friendly! Who the hell are you?
  • I’ve heard: “Please # me!”…Okay…
  • “Bla blaaaaaa hihihihiih hahahaaaaa “during the Fashion show, is it a playground? Chav’land? Where is going the focus?

I know I am not here to find new friends but …why not? 

Individualism is great sometimes but don’t miss the others…

Stop missing the real life!

To sum up, it’s a very smart idea, some collaborations can be fantastic but I was shocked by some bloggers’s attitude.

Maybe, we should redefine the word “blogger”.

What makes a blog interesting? The honesty of the writing and the original point of view, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter if It’s perfect or not. That’s why blogs became famous. It’s not to follow stupidly a trend.

And where were the designs made in UK by the way?

We are here to say “we love” or not, no “yes oh my god, It’s fantastic every time a brand “made in china” is offering you a gift.

Being a blogger is not only receiving gifts, It’s “giving gifts”, bloggers are here to share, we have readers and we have to be careful of what we want to be …

I personally think that this superficial way of blogging will end ( at least I hope so). Ask yourself why some journalists hate us! We have to understand them sometimes.




PLEAAAASE DON’T BEHAVE LIKE THAT! I am more worried about the attitude.

Bloggers exist because they can write or share on an easy platform. People often need a voice, some help and pieces of advice, think about it. Everybody can be a blogger (except if you have an employer who doesn’t allow you to express yourself, apparently it does exist in UK…). Just be careful of what kind of blogger you want to be.

I am not perfect, I am French not English and I try every day to improve my English. We are all human beings in a short life, Forget it and, for sure you will look ridiculous.

I choose to promote designers and music lovers like DJs…some artists I agree with.

I try to explain to people who resent this world of Fashion that Fashion is not only made of people full of themselves ! So please don’t behave like this, thanks.

Since I am a little girl, I love Art, Fashion and Music and I want to show people the way I see it, like a wonderland full of peace and respect, knowledge and inspiration, not the mess of bossy people of the Fashion industry (even if it does exist). Artists share messages and love.

Love artists, designers and DJs, support them… REALLY. 

Emi- The Cookie’s room