Bloggers Love Fashion Week


Since I discovered the existence of Bloggers Love events, I am really excited to attend one of these great parties. Too busy in February and March, I missed the last Blogger Fashion week but I definitely have to go to the next one in September!

Bloggers Fashion Week has been organised by Bloggers Love, to bring together brands and Bloggers in London. I love the idea! We can even eat plenty of cute cupcakes there! Mood? Carrie Bradshaw!

Last Blogger Fashion week was chic!

I am happy to participate …BLOGGER LOVE

  • One Pre party at the end of August where a lot of nice brands will be available and it will be possible to borrow some items. Professional fashion stylists will help us to put together the perfect look.
  • Blogger Love Fashion week Day 1 in September: Beauty box, “for VIBs only”. We will be able to try out product samples and create our beauty box.
  • Day 2: Bloggers pick. For VIBs only. Bloggers style the models and create their own fashion show!

There will be some special area with Fashion shows…

I am also excited by these events because during this Blogger Fashion week, there will be brands, designers I love: 

  • Fiorelli has fantastic bags. When I discovered it in France, I was amazed by the quality of the product and the reasonable price! How could I resist? I “felt in love” several times! 

  • Nina Rai: I had the pleasure to wear her absolutely beautiful creations and I have great memories! Have a look at my slide pictures and click: NINA RAI FASHION PHOTO SHOOT LONDON

I will run at the end of the day ( and after my first fashion job) but it’s worth it! Eager to come and share with the others!

To be continued…

xx. Emi-The Cookie’s room

Credits Pictures: Blogger Love Event, Fiorelli and The Cookie’s room.



  1. Longwell Kort
    December 31, 2014 / 10:27 am

    Since our event was going to be in the evening, I asked a cityside view from the event coordinator so you can see the lights of the buildings reflecting off into the windows. It was totally worth every penny.

  2. The Cookies room
    December 31, 2014 / 2:53 pm

    It was an amazing event with a beautiful view!