Cinderella wears sparkling Nike!

I was at the National Wedding Show in Birmingham this weekend and I discovered a lot of beautiful things…and I felt for…a sparkling pair of Nike!

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I felt like I was 12 years old in this beautiful National Wedding event: princess dresses on the catwalk, handbands with diamonds and perls, big cake, cute cupcakes, shiny decoration ….What a magic world!

Some brands captured my attention like Heirlooms Ever After.

I totally loved the beautiful bridal accessories : the earrings and the handbands ,you don’t need to get married to wear it! If you just want to feel like a little Queen, go shopping at

One brand really surprised me: Cinderella Sparkles.

” Cinderella “customised flat shoes, high heels
and bags.

It include Converse Pumps, Nike Blazers… Adult and Children’s Flats. I really felt for this pair of Nike!

Bride can wear it at the end of their long wedding day and girly girl use it like a modern Cinderella in the Street! Casual and glamour Street Style!

Choose Mary Janes for a special occasion with Tiaras or Hand customised bags like case clutch to be the princess of the night!

You can also choose the colour! That way, you will be an original and modern princess! Ah ! Cinderella Sparkles is magic! 

Their website: