Dear 2017…

I am not talking about New Year resolutions, 

I am talking about LIFE GOALS.

Okay, I was scared to write a post about the new year because the last time I did it 2 years ago, the most horrible things happen to me days after…like a scary start for a new year!

I can be a bit superstitious sometimes. For instance, every time I have a project, I am not sharing it, I want to wait until it’s official. So many dream killers around…

It’s not easy to be an “immigrant” (like they love to call us) in London, some people try to take advantage of our situation.

I am a strong and educated bilingual French woman, living in London but many bad things happened to me in this country: left outside alone, attacked, stolen…but I am proud I am still alive, stronger and determined.

Nobody is talking about that, media don’t talk about the successful and brave foreigners.

 “Expat” like me work really hard. I came from nothing and I had no contacts in London, no money, ANYTHING.

All I have now is due to hard work and I am still struggling to make things rights.

2016 was not the worse year but neither the best because of the Brexit, racism increased a lot, there are no weeks where people show me I am not British, I am not like them.

However, I realised recently I achieved many great things this year:

  • I worked for an amazing magazine
  • I got a new diploma in digital marketing
  • I worked for a luxury French fragrance brand
  • I was a social media/ marketing specialist
  • Great companies asked me to work as a freelance
  •  I am still an Ethical Fashion expert & Music snob for The Cookie’s room

And everything was done on my own. I left France 3 years ago and I build my dream from scratch every day, without the help of ANYONE.

I’m on my own and my dream is all I have.

And I still smile.

 So 2017, I’m telling you, I will follow my instinct, I will not listen to people with bad intentions, I will be stronger, I will learn to manage more and will follow my dreams.

But most of all, I will be even more proud of who I am because I don’t know so many woman doing a lot like me, without any family or boyfriend. 

I will tell myself I’m glad to be me, I’m thanksful to be stubborn and will say thank you to myself more often because my Cookies, the first rule to success is to RESPECT YOURSELF.

I don’t wish you a happy New Year, I wish you to make your life incredible and it starts now!

xoxo Emi-The Cookie’s room


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  1. Jens C. Kruse
    February 7, 2017 / 7:07 am

    Thank you so much