Dress like Jess !

« Who’s that girl ? That’s Jess! »

The it-girl Zooey Deschanel has designed a capsule collection for famous Tommy Hilfiger. Mainly inspired by the Sixties, the dresses « are very Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy – really from the Sixties in London. Maybe we’d be inspired by the Sixties for the runway, but it’s a new way to look at fun, American classics. » according Hilfiger. 

Hilfiger met Deschanel through a mutual friend . The designer compared the actress to Audrey Hepburn « for her sense of humor and her sophistication »..

« I am a fashion fanatic, and I am always looking for new ways to incorporate vintage, feminine pieces into my own wardrobe, » Deschanel told WWD. Available since April, some dresses are already sold out!

How we can’t like her style ? A very girly girl look, I love it!

I was immediately attracted her style since this movie:

Accessorize with the new collection !

Even some blog are dedicated to her style. This one show you how to dress like Zooe with different brands…:http://dresslikenewgirl.com/

Thanks to this website, I discovered one English chic brands called Boden. I really love their mid-length dresses which is my new fashion  addiction for this summer !

And you, do you want to have the Zooe /Jess style ?

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Credits : Vogue UK, Tommy Hilfiger,, Dresslikenewgirl.com