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Interview with the Co-founder and Fashion editor of Englave, Vibri Wulandari

picture: Miya Gu photography. designer: Madama Butterfly

A few months ago, I discovered Englave thanks to LinkedIn. Englave is a new Fashion website that connects designers and trendsetters.
I immediately loved the concept!

TCR : “Can you explain us what is Englave and how it’s working please?”

VW : “Englave is a platform that connects emerging designers to buyers and trendsetters worldwide.  Trendsetters being: stylists, editors, bloggers, photographers, makeup artist.

Englave is currently still a work-in-progress.  Our development team is currently working on the prototype of the platform.  When launched, designers will be able to showcase their work on the platform, network with various roles of the fashion industry, and finally perform wholesale transaction with buyers.”

TCR : “Where the idea come from?”

VW : “The idea came from my personal experience as a handbags designers.  If you don’t live in the major fashion capital such as New York, London, Milan or Paris, if you don’t have a large capital to back your brand, and/or if you don’t have a connection with the who’s who of the industry, it will be extremely difficult for your brand to grow at an international level.”

TCR : “How can you link trendsetters and designers?”

VW : “It will happen on the platform, just like how we are connected on Facebook, LinkedIn Behance.”

TCR : “How do you choose your favourite designers? I remembered the first time I saw your website, I was impressed to see all these gifted designers! How many designers are working with Englave now?

VW : “We have about 900 designers signed up on Englave to follow our updates and progress.  What you saw on our site is designers whom our creative team hand-pick to be featured on our editorials.  We select designers whose work are exceptional, whether it’s the design, cut, fabric or color.”

TCR : “What is your favourite style?”

VW: “Bold, daring, androgynous.”

TCR : “Do you have new projects,collaborations or events coming soon?”
VW : “Actually yes, but we would like to keep it under the radar for now…”

Brands: Jenevieve Lyons

Photography: Robert Hwynh

Thanks to Englave, I discovered nice designers and brands like Bonsavoir Paris, an amazing French luxury leather goods House.

Credits: Englave and Bonsavoir Paris

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