Feel good movies

Top 10 best positive movies, good mood guaranteed

Credits: English muse


Credits: Fan pop

Story of a man who always say NO and who will finally say YES to life…

For me, the best movie if you feel depressed!

The plus: Jim Carrey and Zoey Deschanel 

2) The pursuit of happyness

Credits: fontmeme

You can’t be sensitive to the message of the movie and the words used, you will feel touched by some powerful and sad scenes and also the great play of Will Smith.

It reminds me some bad moments I had since I left France…I always cry in the end, but this movie makes me stronger.

3) Amelie Poulain

Credits: allocine.fr

This movie allows you to love and enjoy the little things in life, to see the beauty of our short life in every moment.

The music of Yann Tiersen is even more poetic.

4) Dead poets society

Credits: rogerebert

It should be seen more and more in College to open the minds!

Subject: You are not forced to follow the crowd in life, neither your parents’ choices. We make society.”Write your won verse”. Beautiful. Philosophic.

This movie changed my life (I understood I had to follow my own rules) when I saw it, so does Robin Williams. RIP.

5) Save the last dance

Credits: Amazon

A modern love story against racism and cliches who also talk about dreams and dance. Fun and deep! 

I absolutely love the final audition scene.

6) Roman holidays

Credits: Imdb

Story of a princess who can’t live a normal life who will spend 24 hours as an unknown woman and who will discover the pleasure of a simple life.

If you lose faith, just watch it! For Audrey Hepburn, for the story, for Roma, for the message, just watch it!

7) The holidays

Credits: papystreaming

When two women decide to change their life during holidays.These love stories are real!

8) Bridget Jones 1 or 2

Credits: iceis

Should I really explain why I choose this movie?

9) l’age de raison


French movie with the famous Sophie Marceau. 

Margaret, 40 years old successful business woman receive one day letters from one child, this will change her view on life…

10) Fried green tomatoes

Credits: Hollywood90.com

Story about two women in their favourite cafe in the 1930s. I don’t want to tell you more, this movie is too interesting! TOWANDA!

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