Cuisse de Grenouille team
The French menswear. “For the gentleman surfer”

Lack of inspirations for the beginning of the Autumn? No worries…Cuisse de Grenouille is a French menswear with a chic Parisian style also inspired by the “surf world” and made in Europe.

“Knit ties, braided wool belts and socks very inspired by the most charismatic icons of cinema…” Very 50 s !

If you are a man, you will love it! And if you are a women…well…you will love it too!

Elegant and not chavy men, that’s what women love! And it’s better when it does not come from Primark!

Invest in a classy outfit to get a stylish attitude.

So 1) You know where your men needs to shop for the new season.

And 2) Girls, you can pick up some items for customize your style. (Yes Sirs, we sometimes love to borrow your clothes…)

Dress your man and get a “boyish” style!

 CUISSE DE GRENOUILLE can help fulfill your inspirations…

Casual chic isn’t it?

xx Emi- The Cookie’s room

Credits: Cuisse de Grenouille website and blog