Girly weekend

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Sick, I couldnt really go out the night for a party with my friends so it was time to take care of myself. Example of a very “girly weekend”…

Hairdresser : small fringe , cut, hair care and advices for my blondy hair at Rush Putney. Louise was very friendly and professionnal.

I am looking for a hairdresser able to do nice blond highlights like when I was a little girl ,nice, light and shiny not done with Redken brand. Contact me if you have ideas.

Wish list at French connection and House of frazer, looking for perfect ideas and outfit in my favourite stores.

I was looking at the window all the crowd in Oxford street. It was better to stay in French connection : a comfortable shop with lovely outfits.
I lost my voice with this horrible cold weather but I told my new friendly housemate that we had to go out the afternoon to check some products and activities.
Louis Vuitton in Selfridge has exhibitions every weekend and I knew that Chanel makes manicures!

So, after a walk at Vuitton, I booked a manicure at Chanel at house of Fraser for the end of the afternoon, lucky, it was not so full.
The lovely woman did it perfectly: she was patient and respectful. She saw how much I was suffering when I spoke and paid attention to what I needed.

Manicure at Chanel: you choose your favourite colour and then just pay the product you want to pay so the offer is very interesting.
She was very blond and very light skin like me so she knew exactly what is fitting me. It was aperfect manicure ! ( she fund my nails very resistant , good to know that they are not like my throat!)
I choose a limited edition , a very nice pink I used to wear before called “fracas”. Maybe I will buy this nail polish soon…I have already some Chanel nail polish to finish!

The result was stunning. I tried several pink for my lips and finally decided to buy a matching pink nice for light skin.

I strongly recommend this Chanel manicure as a gift to your friends, Mum…
When you find a nice sales assistant , keep it! They are not all like that, it is like hairdressers, keep the best one and then, don’t change.

Saturday night: perfect makis, a peaceful area in a busy quarter of London.
Tired, we needed a clean and tasteful meal in a quiet place.
Near Carnaby street, we fund a real concept of japonese restaurant, they make your dishes in front of you.
I am truly addicted to Sushi shops and always afraid to test other restaurant because choosing fish or seafood place is very particular.
I deeply enjoyed this one, different in a good way, very tasty.

Sunday : Fashion blogger searching collaboration.
Bloggers, photographers, designers, artists, writers…if you are interested in working with me, you can contact me at
I am looking forward to hear from you !

Let me know what you think and leave your comments!