Holiday playlist

All the great sounds I have been listening to during my holidays &

all the songs we will love in September!

A few weeks ago, I discovered The Geekmen. Attracted by the name and the absolutely crazy sounds! For sure, you will hear talk of them!

Warning! Crazy podcast!

Guess where they are in September…Inox Festival baby!

Playlist clearly “electro/ house”…

Addicted to the new Para One’s song “You too”!

A “new” French DJ you can listen on FG radio with good house influence, good weekend guaranteed!

Now basic, Duke Dumont

Inspiration: 80s, house, dance, garage…and MINISTRY! Where I like to spend some of my nights..

What is your favourite one?

Love Electro/ House music, love DJs, Support them!

xx Emi- The Cookie’s room

Credits pictures: Geekmen