I am moving! …

But I will still live in London! I found a better place… But what a mess! Imagine shoes, bags and dresses covering the entire floor… « Oops I did it again! »

Finding a nice place, safe and clean in London for a good price is like finding the prince charming… »Oh lala! »

You don’t have to be afraid to see:

  • Dirty places
  • Unsafe areas 
  • Expensive rent+bills+deposit
  • Weird people
  • Old fake rich people who take advantage of young women. You are often free to pay the rent but not to feel at home…

Hope I will be able to settle properly in the city this time! It’s the beginning of a new life!

I love you London (even if you are crazy)!
« Emilie, you will live in the city of the Spice Girls! » Well, if someone told me that when I was 12 years old , I wouldn’t believe it!
« Zig-Zig Ah! »

xx Emi- The Cookie’s room

credits HBO.SATC.