London fashion weekend : Disneyland for fashionistas ?

 Last saturday, It was like a fashion amusement park…

  • The Fashion attraction, the fashion fair

Time to be honnest !
It was a really nice event but I am sorry to say that it was not perfect for me. I may be the one to write about this subject in a very different way but that’s fine.
Indeed, I googled the fashion weekend and I saw so many “bla bla” about this event ! Everybody behave like it was a Disney attraction during the weekend so I had the same impression for the articles and post published.

“Martine is going to the fashion week…” Seriously ? Is it the definition of fashion events or even fashion blogs ? Is it reflecting this event and generally speaking FASHION BLOGS?
This is defintely another subject we have to deal with because now being a fashion blogger means anything and everything.

Personnally, I see more fashion like an Art. The fact is many bloggers are just taking pictures of themself and even their invitation card (just to say I have been invited somewhere…Oh lucky you ! You must be the only one…). Finally, it is only to show themself. Selfies world ! The woman next to me took 25 times photos of herself and asked people to take her too…really annoying…and EGO MANIAC !

Imagine if Vogue Editors were doing the same…RIDICULOUS ! They are smarter than that ! I remember one quote of one episode of Sex and The City where Carrie worked for the first Time at Vogue. The Editor in chief were talking about Carrie ‘s first column : “talk more about shoes and less about you” , something like that… This idea is still in my mind.
It is really important to have a personnality in this world but we need to show our knowledge and ideas first ! Moreover, you are not Karl Lagerfeld !

What about the designer ? I only saw tourists proud to spend money on a fashion event in order to say : “Hello I was to a fashion show “. To me, these people are not real fashion lovers. I know everyone is free but I was ashamed for some people who were like tourists in a amusement park !

Moreover, even if I do not want to blame people , this is the truth, some assistant were really rude and treated us like we were waiting for a Disney attraction : ” Sit down here, not there, closer, closer !…” We were not at Givenchy’s show but we deserve respect.

I attended some shows last year which were more important than these ones and I never been received like that.
A gold ticket was made of : 1 trend show, 1 designer show, a full goodie bag and an “everywhere” access : ” networking”, stalls…For the first part of the day, I enjoy more  a glass of Champagne with my friend on a very sunny day outside  and discuss with some photographers.

Some brands stall with even some reductions on designer outfits on the right of the building of beautiful Sommerset House.
Discover the lovely brand French Sole :

The first show : a sum up of the last trends
Some nice trends and items …Shiny metal, Lace embrace, good sport, Flower power…

BEING GENUWINE…I came for the love of Fashion and I try to stay the most honnest I can be. If I am invited to something I dont like or If I am not sure to see a show, I am not going.period. Fashion workers should criticise and say what is really going on.

  •  The possibility to see great designer’s shows

What a dream to see Julien Mcdonald ‘s art ! A beautiful final…

This show and creations reminds me why I was there, why I had tickets and why fashion was so fantastic ! Feelings, emotions…Chic embroidery and lace evening dresses like Elie Saab could do.
Some of them even reminds me Balmain… Julien Mcdonald ‘s nspiration is certainly glamour ! You must fee very feminine with it !

Art is also a crush with the artist.

When I came to England, I discovered Julian Mcdonald ‘s creations and also his particular collection at Debenhams while I was doing my shopping. I was not aware of what he was doing and how much he was great.
I saw many shops with his name in Birmingham and I was already attracted by the style, then by the collection at Debenhams. I remembered a fantastic black fur coat. I still dream about it ! Private joke!

Finally, I discovered his personnality at the famous tv show where he used to dance and I immediately liked him. He reminded me my dance teacher when I was younger: funny and glamorous.
I did not know how beautiful the dresses were! He was so influenced by glamorous nights. When I see that, I love the artist, people who are working with him and the woman he creates. I would love to be this kind of woman.
That’s what a great designer does : you instantly feel good by seeing and wearing his creations , that’s the most important thing like Yves Saint Laurent used to say. This, is Fashion !

To put it in a nutshell, thank you London Fashion weekend to allow me to see some amazing designer’s shows like Julien Mcdonald.
Next time, I just hope this event will be made with more quality and less quantity…

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All pictures are mine