London Paradise

#London is not only Buckingham palace, London is so much better. 


3 weeks already : I learned that finding a flat can be a fight! I saw a lot of differents ugly and beautiful places, some Art exhibition etc

I can say that I miss some French things: Parisian fashion style, good wine and cheese, fresh vegetables…but I admit that English people are generally very open-minded even in tbe field of Fashion (there is so much clich├ęs saying the contrary about Fashion! Often wrong!)
In London, the tube is clean and you can go out later because it is definitely more safe than Paris.

It is really good to live here especially when you want to work in the Fashion industry. I hope it is only the beginning for me because I have a lot of ideas for the future…I work hard to be here so I won’t let anything or anybody destroy my dreams.
I am really happy!

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