London top new designers

Jara Wine

Last weekend, I was invited to discover new designers and luxury womenswear in the area of Camden…
I was there for the press day and the pop up boutique was open from the 13th to the 16th of March.

  • At the beginning, I just discovered Jara Wine‘s creations on Twitter. I immediately loved her clothing label, the patterns, the colours…Look at the cycle print bow tie chiffon dress (below, the spring dress at the front, cream and pink) Cute, isn’t it ?

Jara wears the same dress in red on the picture, glamorous.
All her creations are made in London and the patterns are often from France and Italy. All is made by Jara who represent the end of fast fashion by offering quality and original designed.
She explained me how it was important to her to have something made by herself. Before being a designer, she tought she had to use old patterns to make dresses, tops…and avoid waste.

Jara has fashion taste since always and she was often asked:”Where does it come from, where did you buy it?” and she used to answer “I did it!” The brand was born…
So, if you are a girly girl…check her WEBSITE ! You can get 20% off !

  • On this special day, I discovered other lovely creations like …Elizabet Dunn‘s shoes and accessories.

My favourites items : the blue and turquoise journal, the black or turquoise shoes, the leopard clutch or belt bag… I also adore her old pastel 2012 collection : modern and “Vogue”.
Check her website, she is the new Carrie Bradshaw !

  • The most original touch was given by Zekaryas Solomon, an innovative, unique collection influenced by African culture. He is a multi-award winning fashion designer who create clothes for both male and women. You can’t be deceived by his creative energy:

Look at this glamorous dress…

  • Isabel Wong : chic and so…chic !

Big crush on her creations : simple, modern and…so elegant !

Even for a daily outfit, it remains very ….tasteful ! The materials are just perfect: silk lovely dresses or wool lovely boyfriend coat.

On the website you can find …CLICK

This Parisian influence would be lovely to wear ! Eager to see what’s coming next…

Finally, make sure to know these 4 designers, I believe you will hear talk of them in the future ! I admit loving Zara and Mango…but supporting new talents is much better and more original !

Emi- The Cookie’s room

Credits: The Cookie’s room + designers