Marketing’s “got talents” !

Best of the last TV adverts 2013/2014
How great videos have power on your brains?

One of the things I fund different in UK is also TV adverts.

Indeed, you can see for instance some advert for alcohol drinks contrary to France where it’s not really allowed.

The point I really appreciate is more the originality of some videos.

I was wondering how the TV marketing team was so creative, I find some really great and funny adverts…

Diesel chooses a really nice song from Dynasty and made powerful effects.
Heineken last video is really surprising…how a football beer seems trendy in a video advert ? Congratulations to the marketing team !
Mark and Spencer uses fairytales for their Christmas advert, a success !

Harvey Nichols was the honnest brand during Christmas…

2013 : mainly a lot of fun !
Special mention to Three who made some hilarious adverts !
Best idea award to the man/woman who woke up one day with the “dog” and “poney” ideas ! (I would love to know where his/her inspiration come from…) My belly still hurts !

2014 : Cadbury makes you boogie !

For me, one of the most beautiful videos I ever seen in the history of adverts :  Cartier

Check also the best Chanel videos adverts : Chanel n°5 exhibition in Paris (in French)

What about you? What are your favourites adverts ?

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