Music and Wanderlust

Music & Wanderlust is a website sharing the best Music events and places in Europe…


MUSIC & WANDERLUST is a website about Music & Travel. We share the best places and events in Europe: from the pretty cities we visited, restaurants and hotels we enjoyed to the local music events.

Music & Wanderlust was not created by photographers or “influencers”, we are music lovers who love to discover places and events. And we know you are one of us.

Just to be clear…We are free spirits and we don’t belong to anyone neither any group.


Erick Morillo interview


The story

In 2012, Emilie, the founder of Music & Wanderlust, is a music and travel lover in France. She decided to create a website in English and in French to share about her passions. 

Originally from a small town, she decided to speak about what she loves the most. It was a blog sharing the best events and places in France and in the UK as she was not able to find everything online back then.

The name was The Cookie’s room. Slowly but surely, it became a portfolio…

This website became her way to learn about creating a website and knowing how to manage it. It was also learning about digital marketing, copywriting, seo, social media etc It was her way get to change her career and build her perfect job…


  • July 2013 : Professional change : Music and Fashion journalist in Birmingham, UK. The interview with Erick Morillo in the SW4 festival confirmed her passion.
  • 2014 : Communication manager for brands and events in London
  • 2019 : The blog became Music & Wanderlust
  • 2020 : Back to France
  • 2023 : Music & Wanderlust is in Europe covering the best events in Europe




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