My dear Sister Jane …

On my way to Portobello market, in Notting Hill, I noticed a lovely billboard for Sister Jane, a chic women brand. 

Just before the famous market, is located Sister Jane’s showroom in a very nice setting.

Friday morning is definitely better than Saturday afternoon if you want to come in Notting Hill by the way…
This weekend I went in the area again, I had to stop to discover the last Sister Jane’s collection, it seemed so girly !

I have heard about the brand available in Topshop and on Asos’s website but It’s always better to see real clothes !

I immediately love the idea of the funny sister we all want to have and the inspirations, cut and colours. It reminds me Tara Jarmon in some ways with a bit funky british style and girly chic touch (Sister Jane is British with European influences) .

Sister Jane is the kind of woman who likes to remain original and chic the day and often goes out with a pretty dress the night.
This is how to remain chic and fun, I love the idea !

Discover my favourites outfits and lookbooks !
Can’t wait for new summer arrivals !

Emi-The Cookie’s room

Credits : Sister Jane