My new life has begun…

No, I was not on vacation guys, I was fighting for my dreams…

I left France last year, (one year already, OMG!)… Story of my new life…

“You shoot me down but, I won’t fall I am titaniuuuuum!” Sia feat David Guetta.
One day, I woke up, I made a review of my life. I was upset when I realized I wasted my time with a stupid man. I had a nice flat, funny friends, but not the job and the life I dreamt about when I was a little girl. I managed everything for the others, but not me!
I always possessed feelings for Fashion and Music and I always wanted to work in these industries. I did not have a rich family, I grew up in a small town and did not know the “Art industry”. It was another world for my family and I had to impose.

Surrounded by some selfish people, (who all have the same boring life) I felt I did not belong to Reims and to this life anymore. Life is too short…
Like Carrie, “I couldn’t help but wonder…” what I really desire? Realizing my little girl’s dreams! Working in the Fashion and Music industry! Get closer to the “Art world”, that’s the way I am feeling myself.

I was 26 years old in 2012… Time goes by so fast… I guess it was now or never.

The process:

  • Summer 2012: I had no money to have proper holidays but I wanted some changes, to have more inspirations and put myself out of the comfort zone. I was too shy and too scared to take my own decisions and dare to be happy before.

So, I decided to work in Stratford Upon-Avon, the town of Shakespeare during 2 weeks. It was a success, I got more self confidence and loved the experience and the town. 

I knew it was the beginning of something, the time to plan a real change.

  • September 2012: Half working as a job adviser, consultant in Reims, I did one skills assessment. Art, communication and languages were still ubiquitous ! I began my researches. I was attracted by the blogger, journalist, PR  job…

2 solutions: Getting a journalism degree and start again in France or leaving France  thanks to a French program called Mevipro which offers English lessons and internship.

  • October 2012: Some English test and interviews for Mevipro. 
  • January 2013: Letter of acceptance of the Mevipro program! I was accepted by both the University and the program, I decided to leave everything behind in the country of cupcakes. Moreover, speaking English currently is compulsory today (and this blog is a good exercise). 

Realizing our dreams out of France, even The Daft Punk agrees with that idea!

  • June 2013: I got an internship in a magazine! The claimant in charge of my internship did not allow me to do research and did not have proper knowledge of the industry of Fashion so it was not easy for me but I was totally happy.

I left France on the 29th of June to do intensive English courses during 3 weeks in Margate and then a 6 months internship like the program demands.

    I remember leaving my friends who help me so much for the moving, I was trying to not cry, sad to leave them and eager to start a new life at the same time, nothing could hold me.

    Ultra motivated, in my playlist, I could listen to…

    • July 2013, Margate:

    A perfect host family, amazing food, an amazing room and a lovely little sister, the walks near sea after the lessons and funny students. We had fun! 

    A lot of students used to come back drunk every night while I had a future to organize, dreams to plan.

    • Birmingham: “Like the legend of the Phoenix, our ends were beginning”

    I was the target of many unhealthy people! One first bad dirty flat, I also have experienced harassment, lack of money… Never mind, I knew I deserved better, I did not give up.

    On the contrary, I had the chance to see some Fashion shows, to write about topics I love and even to interview Erick Morillo!

    He was so amazing! I met artists but also interesting people who changed my way of thinking like Himi, my mate. We had beautiful moments.

    • End of 2013: I have been called by some startups for a Fashion social media, marketing manager internship… So it was time to leave again, “London calling, ” said The Clash! The horror to find a flat in London began…

    • “Je n’ai pas peur du manque d’argent, je suis fils d’ouvrier”, La Fouine.

    Christmas 2014: end of the Fashion internship. The boss avoided the subject of hiring me as promised. That’s apparently often the case of Fashion interns in London…
    I had 2 choices: coming back to France and stay at my mum’s house or try again. It was too early to give up.
    I come back in London after Christmas without any money and try to find at least a little job to survive first!
    Finding our dream job is not immediate! I did find some jobs with an attractive title, but nothing concrete…
    I could have worked at the customer service, as a letting agent… But I preferred taking a small job and search for the top job at the same time rather than being a fake. It’s much more honest.
    I took care of two little monsters while I was also doing some Fashion internships and working on my blog in the same time.

    I love them, but I was so exhausted! It was painful to be judged while I was making efforts to survive in London and to hear I had not a real job… Well…

    42h a week as a nanny

    2 unpaid Fashion internships

    1 blog

    Some English grammar lessons

    Working more than 60 hours a week and NO, I have no real job hater!

    I think I am an easy going person, but once I get underestimated, I am able to clash! 

    It makes me feel even more powerful!

    There are so many superficial people everywhere…

    It also became obvious that some companies were taking advantage of their “unpaid trainee”…
    So yes, I saw people behaving like that…

    and they were actually hired to answer the phone! 

    I think Fashion is not the stupid, selfish clich├ęs a lot of people have. The world of Fashion is more complex than that so we need to be a little more objective…

    • July 2014: the end of my doubts

    Finally, after four tiring month sleeping 5 hours per day, I have been called by some nice Fashion companies who offered me a “real” job!

    So what I would love to say to the people who underestimated me?

    Today, I am a blogger, social media, PR Executive for a lovely brand five days a week. I love the arty area where I work, not superficial at all and the fact that I am free to give ideas, organize my time…

    To be honest, I have been called by several companies so I am not afraid of the future anymore.

    Now I continue my blog as a leisure but I am aware it’s growing up and I have more readers from all around the world. 

    It’s worth all the tears, the lonely moments, the horrible difficulties. I learned so much about myself and life. I have a peaceful vision of life now. 

    It doesn’t matter if people put me down, I do so much better now thanks to those people. It doesn’t matter if my English is not perfect, I improve it every day, all I can say is: the ones who criticize never dare to do all what I have done so far…

    The only thing that matter is that I am proud of myself and happy of what I have done. Even my parents who never show too much, have tears of joy when they see me now.When you arrive at this stage, you can say you are deeply happy.It doesn’t matter if I fail or succeed, I will always keep my way of thinking, will remain faithful to my values and will continue to follow my dreams. I think we can always have a “plan b” in life and what doesn’t kill you make you stronger.

    Lots of Love. Emi-The Cookie’s room

     Credits: Max Favili, HBO, Sex and the city, Tumblr



    1. Estelle Martinez
      July 13, 2014 / 6:50 pm

      Your experience is very interesting and hopeful !

    2. Emi
      July 17, 2014 / 7:47 pm

      Thank you so much Estelle! I hope it gave people confidence ! Xx Emi.