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Here we go again! The best and the worst in London!

Monday, Tuesday

Working hard and spending time with children.

A few months ago, I was working in the wedding/”Fashion” industry and met some “funny” people who did not allow me to work on my blog (which is not even a company yet! I know: SILLY!)As a matter of fact, I decided to leave and to work as a tutor/P.A and nanny sometimes or in any environment who can allow me to work properly and to continue my blog!I am totally exhausted these days because I am still doing my best to survive in this expensive city called London and to follow my dreams.So, no I don’t want to hear some silly sentences when I am doing sacrifices and having a difficult first job and continue to work on my passion in the same time.I am happy to see my family and friends supporting me but I really don’t care if some are not. I will follow my dreams anyway!


We have the right to dream, right?


Never forgot your goal in life…keep going!


Happy to take my time and finish a new post and share it with you, happy to do what I love!


We have the right to dream, right?


 I still have to finish my reading to get inspirations and to realize my projects…

I am sick, I am tired, I often feel alone in the dark without anything or anyone but I know that every time I fall I am getting stronger, every time, it’s a new step and I am going forward! 

Every time, I realize I have a nice project and great ideas and my dream will come true.

xoxo Emi-The Cookie’s room

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