Do you need help with your content strategy and social media management? Do you lack of time and knowledge regarding your content online?

Music & Wanderlust is covering the best places and events in Europe, helping artists, luxury brands and places to grow online…

We help them with content management in both French and English: content strategy and creating content.

Now, we have monthly packages for content strategy and creation in English and/ or French.

We helped music festivals, travel destinations and luxury brands with their content strategy: social media, emailings and blogs. How? By creating content strategy and creating content on their social media, CRM and websites.

Choose one of this package and contact us:

  1. 1 HOUR CONSULTING: One to one call to define how to grow online.
  2. MONTHLY COACHING 1 HOUR PER WEEK: One to one call per week during one month.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY 1 MONTH: A new monthly strategy and content ready for you.
  4. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY 3 MONTHS: 3 months strategy and content ready for you.

Why ? Because content is key! Your content brings customers and keep them.

Social media management is not only posting 3 posts on Facebook and waiting for the likes and sales, it’s much more than that. You need to know your buyer persona and adapt your strategy and content, and this in 360 because communication is 360. So your website and social media (at least) need to be ready and share the right content…

Please feel free to CONTACT US if you need help with your communication. 

Emilie, Founder of Music & Wanderlust