The Cookie’s room has a new look !

I am quite excited to show you my blog today ! The Cookie’s room has got a new girly and funny look !
I hope you like it !

Thanks to Twitter, I discovered an absolutely stunning artist called…

  • Sonya Parra, a lovely illustrator :

I immediately loved her style and what she did during the fashion week. Her art is different, it remain fun and chic in the same time.
She is followed by a lot of fashion people on Twitter and has a lot of success but is still approachable, simple and funny. Trust me, you have to know her ! HER WEBSITE ! CLICK !
Thanks to her, I have a lovely picture on my blog and social medias ! Dear Sonya, I wish you the best !

  • Dreams do come true even if you are alone but it’s often more fun with the help of your friends…

I am an independant woman who does a lot of things alone, I am used to and I am not afraid to work like this.

I left France to develop other skills and realize my dream namely working in the Fashion, luxury industry. I had difficulties sometimes but I won’t give up my dreams. Alone or not, without any help, I will continue.
I am currently having a little job, enough to pay my rent and living in London.
I spend most of my time in fashion events, shows, researching to improve myself and looking for my dream job.
Life is short but I am sure that passion and great work will be synonym with success.


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  1. Sonya Parra
    March 2, 2014 / 9:04 pm

    Thanks Cookie xxx