The experience of a Fashion photo shoot in London

I always had reluctance to show myself, even on my blog. I have no problems with my image but I am aware I am not a model so I often find quite ridiculous people who behave like if they were superstars.

The fact is, I have more and more readers and because of my blog, activities and goals I will have to do some photo shoots and “be seen” as often asked in the industry of Fashion and music.

When I fund a really affordable and interesting offer, I thought it was time to dare and confront me. Trust me sometimes, in this kind of situation like, It’s better to be a show off! Then, I booked and it was done. I just had to go!

The D-DAY: shaky legs! The same thing I felt when I used to dance in front of 500 people during Dance Gala, excitement but fear, adrenaline.

The studio assistant was absolutely lovely and the photographer just wonderful!

I was surprised that a lot of people are doing it for themselves, having a good time and get a “souvenir”, improving their self-confidence.

I learnt about myself, I am often stressed when I should not be. The photographer told me: ” You are obviously stressed but It ‘s better to be humble and polite rather than the contrary even for a photo shoot…(maybe he saw too many times the opposite?)  Sure, Mummy educated me! 

“Beautiful eyes, don’t move, look at me, you have something for the photography”  What? Me ? The girl who never know how to strike a pose and often prefer make silly pictures? It was actually funny!

He gave me such positive energy with his words.

So guys, I am proud to say (cheeky smile) that I am happy of the results and I will try to do it again! It gives me self confidence and will help me in my future goals.

Thank you to The Factory Studios !

And you, what do you think of this photograph?

xx Happy Cookie!