The Universal “Boudoir” of Jean-Paul Gaultier…in London

The complete exhibition about “L’enfant terrible de la mode” at Barbican…

It’s the very first exhibition I see about Jean-Paul Gaultier and I have to say I loved it !

I was totally astonished by the exhibition : it’s a complete one about his work, history, process and collaborations.

Not a boring one at all, I smiled, laughed and was even more touched by his Art and the message he conveys.

It’s not a retrospective, it’s a lively exhibition where you can see creations, drawing, pictures and even in a way see and hear Jean-Paul Gaultier thanks to his interactive mannequin with his voice, speaking in English with his funny French accent.

It totally reflects who he is : a fun, approchable, realistic, universal artist who call into question society.

For Victoria Abril’s outfits in Kika, Pedro Almodovar said : “They were wonderfully beautiful and absolutely conceptual. Almost no one else is able to combine both in the same garments.”

Iconic marinière

Stunning isn’t it ? You can find his several inspirations and influences further : virgins and powerful women, punk, london and it’s icons (Bowie, Winehouse)…
The exhibition is organized in differents steps like the Boudoir, the World inspirations, Urban jungle, Madonna outfits, the Eurotrash time…

During an interview, he also sump up in a very good way why London is such a good place to live for an artist…Below the video with the curator of the exhibition :

Women as saints or mermaids :

Punky London :

His collaborations : Beth Ditto, Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rita Mitsouko …
He did not only contribute to Almodovar’s movies but also for Luc Besson for the famous outfit of Miss “Liloo Dallas multipass”.

Stars outfits :

Urban jungle :

Around the World :

Boudoir :

On the first floor of the exhibition , others pictures of collaboration like the one with Curt Cobain, some creations of particular collections, a screen of his funny 80s adventures and his punk, SM inspirations contrasting with some wonderland dresses.

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s work represents well the world and the real Fashion and pays attention to all the kind of beauty. His work is endless and is not ended because he represents universality.
That’s also why this exhibition is hard to sum up. You should go and make your own opinion.
For me, it represents well the beauty of Fashion as an Art and the rare honnesty in the Fashion industry.
I was not only touched to know more about his life and how simple and true he is (Jean-Paul, I love your teddy bear by the way!), but also by his vision of Fashion and in the same time, his open-minded world.
That’s the Fashion I love.

A brilliant exhibition for a brilliant designer !

Emi-The Cookie’s room

Credits: The Cookie’s room



  1. Elisa Bellino
    April 27, 2014 / 11:04 pm

    OMG amazing exhibition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_* great

    • Emi Begui
      April 28, 2014 / 12:16 pm

      Thank you so much Elisa ! It was a stunning exhibition indeed ! "Les yeux émerveillés"