Top 10 beauty list for Christmas

My friends asked me advices for beauty products. 

This is the list of my favourites ones. Some ideas for Christmas girls !

1) Mascara. Black waterproof by Make up forever :

For me, the best mascara. If somebody know where I can buy it in London…

2) Eyeshadow. Sephora : Black used like an eyeliner sometimes, white for everyday, used under the eyebrow and the glitter part for special occasions.

3) Face cream. Avene “TolĂ©rance extreme “:
One of the rare every day face cream which gives not you allergies, your skin is then smooth not oily, useful by this changing weather.

Choose the right products for your skin ! Every skin are different. Select only light powder for the day or foundation it’s up to you but always try it on your skin first.
The best products I fund are :

 4) Powder. Mineral Powder by Bare minerals

5) Powder foundation :
Bare minerals


6) Liquid foundation if you prefere :

7) Blush Lancome :
Useful like the Guerlain bronzer.
The colour is nice on light skin and blue eyes.

8) Lips : Labello + Chanel lipstick
The milk and Honey Labello is fabulous ! Your lips must not be dry before the make-up.
Concerning Chanel, it’s quite difficult to choose ! Do it according to your skin.
Before this pink, I bought 2 others shine Chanel lipstick like Vanessa Paradis used in the advert for Coco shine, they were fantastic too!

9) Nail polish : Chanel, YSL, Dior.
They are all lovely, how could I resist ?
The ones I would love to test at least for the cute packaging are new Guerlain nail polish.
Today, we can see a lot of brand doing it, just check what fit you the most.

10) Body oil :
Bobbi Brown summer oil.
Who said it was only for summer ? The smell is lovely.

Nuxe : Huile prodigieuse. This oil is really “prodigieuse” and perfect for all : body, feet, hair ! Absolutely fantastic !

Hair ? Check my previous beauty column : Hair beauty
Fragrance : Chloe , of course !

Finally, never forget a good make-up remover , cleanser with a great micellar solution !
Be happy and take care of yourself girls !