When French quality meets London touch…

Kookai x Sibling

credits: Kookai Blog

Kookai collaborated with Sibling London

How I could miss it? 3 reasons to adopt it!

  1. I remember my love for the brand grew up when I saw my mum wearing lovely jumpers and suits of the brand. At 12 years old already, I knew I will wear Kookai. This amazing quality and chic French touch I love makes me more confident.
  2. I didn’t know so much about Sibling before but as a Londoner I had to know more about it! Trendy, arty, sportwear, colorful, comfortable…COOL! THIS IS SIBLING! And the common point of the two brands is the love for gorgeous warm and chic knitting.
  3. Fantasy and great “maille”,the result is fun and it brings joy in your winter cloakroom! “Il n’y a que Maille qui m’aille!”

The trend 2014/2015: the “bonnet pompom”

My advice: wear a big colorful jumper from the collection plus a black lace dress underneath and…Voila!

What do you think about it?

Credits: Kookai blog, Melty Fashion, Clash music, Fashion hurry

I love French and English brands! xoxo Emi-The Cookie’s room

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