Young designers awards in London #2

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The YOUNG DESIGNERS AWARDS, what is it? Click to see my post!

Several prizes were given that day, the first place went to Claire Ozee with her design inspired by the Great Gatsby and the Second place went to Chelsea Visda.

  • Wyfy Fashion , trendy and colourful
  • Selimetu Jane Sule (If you know her, please give me her contact details immediately, I absolutely loved what she did!) Blair Waldorf and Parisian chic touch, amazing!
  • Aisha Enashdias who won the Radical Designer Award collection, I was amazed by the maturity of her style (even if she is only 21 years old) and her inspirations…

More information about the winners? FDC YOUNG DESIGNERS FACEBOOK

On my Top 3 list: new designers and brands like

I met her at the event and you can now find her interview below…

TCR: “How did you decide to be a designer?”
A.E: “My inspiration to be a designer came from my great aunty, a wedding dress seamstress, whom I lived with for several years.  Growing up around her allowed me to learn about fashion in such a way where I became very passionate and began helping my great aunty around her studio.”

TCR: “Tell me more about your love for Fashion?
A.E: “What I love most about fashion is the initial ideas and researches, the process of experiments and how designers use their findings to produce not just beautiful collections but collections with stories behind them.”

TCR: “Where the idea of the collection come from?”
A.E:”As I have a great love for organic patterns, textures, traditional craft techniques.  I based this collection on skin disorders, where I studied the texture, negative and positive aspects of the disorders and tries to translate those skin disorders in a beautiful way as possible. The inspiration of studying skin disorders came from my younger sister who suffers from eczema.
This project was to show her that she is beautiful no matter what is on her skin and she will not be judged or seen any less beautiful just because she suffers from a skin disorder. ”

TCR: “Why did you choose the kimonos ?”
A.E:”I chose kimonos simply because the focal point of this collection was the textiles work so I decided to use kimono shapes because they are simple garments and they’re all about the beauty of the fabrics rather than the shapes of the garment.  The reason behind this collections was to show off the textiles.”

TCR: “What the FDC Young designers awards represent to you?”
A.E:”To me the FDC Young Designers Awards represent multi cultural talent of young designers who are yet to be established.”

TCR: “Do you have new projects, events you attend…?”
A.E:”At the moment I am working on a new collection AW15 which i will be showcasing at Vancouver Fashion Week in March 2015.”

Isn’t she stunning?! Her facebook page

Credits: Pavol Kajan and Diamond Braganza Photography

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